About Nina

Since 1993, Nina Hoffer has created a personalized, hands-on approach to planning elegant weddings and events in the greater NY and NJ area. Nina specializes in being the perfect trouble shooter, staying on top of every detail to ensure no problems arise and the day goes off without a hitch. Whether you choose to have her help in the early planning stages or simply oversee your wedding day, Nina always steps in with a perfect mix of calm and humor to put everyone at ease.

This year Nina has been very busy this year planning a range of events, from an intimate yet formal Christening party of 50, an urban- lounge themed Bar Mitzvah, to an understated yet elegant Country Club wedding for 400. No matter what size, all the events are personalized and memorable.

She began her career path in bridal retail, working for several different bridal salons. Having gained that experience, she left retail to learn about wedding production. She then joined on-site wedding locales working first as a bridal attendant and then moving up to Catering Sales where she managed entire events. She has worked at many planning venues in New York, New Jersey and Toronto including the United Nations for restaurant Associates. 

Nina’s passion is to help couples put their “personal stamp” on their wedding by infusing creativity into their special day mixed with their own style and vision.

In her spare time, Nina loves gourmet cooking with her husband and is constantly perusing cooking magazines and websites for new recipes and ideas.   She also enjoys going to estate sales, scouting for unique decorative objects to inspire ideas for her events.   Nina loves genealogy and is very proud to say that she has traced her roots back to the late 15th Century.  Whether tracing or tracking one’s family, Nina is very adept at understanding and mediating complicated family dynamics.

10 Top Reasons why you should have a Wedding Coordinator

10. Having a Wedding Coordinator may have been considered a luxury but is now a necessity and much more affordable than you would have thought!
9. Reduces the stress of orchestrating a large scale event so everyone involved can have peace of mind.
8. Provides time and cost saving advice.
7. Offers unbiased opinion on protocol, decor, and the latest trends.
6. Recommends vendors that suit your style, budget and vision.
5. Offers wedding etiquette assistance, advice and sounding board for toasts and speeches.
4. Prepares an itinerary for you and your vendors regarding responsibilities and timelines for the big day.
3. Onsite coordination of rehearsal, ceremony and reception. Oversees entire event from start to finish.
2. Personally attending to you and your family, handling all the incidentals that may come up.
1. Having your Wedding go off without a hitch...
...so you can be a guest at your own Wedding!

Bridal Emergency Kit
Inside my bridal emergency kit, I have all the magic fixes you may or may not need at your wedding. Just in case.

It's always the little things that will create stress.

With my kit, I will ensure that any mishaps that may occur will not get in the way of you and your family enjoying your
magical, stress free day.

I have everything from safety pins and a lint brush to smelling salts and double sided tape and everything in between.......

I encourage you to think of something I don't have.